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Special Projects

Comics Contest
Winning first place in a comics competition for 7th -12th-grade students.
Judge: Michel Kichka. December 2011.



For the article (in Hebrew), click here.

Graphic Design Final Exam From High School
My first original comic book, 2015


Illustration for the Accessibility Department in the College of Management Academic Studies, 2016.

For the article (in Hebrew), click here.

Graduate project at Shenkar College
Original comic book, 2021. Click here for details.

כריכה 2.jpg

"Adding To The Light"

An anthology of poems and stories written by people with disabilities.
Editor: Ester Dagan Kaniel.  Published in Israel, 2021.


"The Box Of Boredom"
A card game for children I illustrated. The game encourages creativity, building close interpersonal relationships and reducing screens usage. Game created by Heftzi Midlash Published in Israel, 2022. Click here for details.

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