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Hi there! I'm Danielle, a freelance illustrator and cartoonist from Israel.
I specialize in character design, 2D animation, children's book illustration and comics.

When I was just 2 months old, It was discovered that I have Cataract in both eyes so I was operated several times as an infant.
In addition, at the age of 3 it was discovered that I have Glaucoma too- an eye disease that can cause vision loss. I'm coping with it to this day, so I am visually impaired.
At that time when I was 3 years old, I've started drawing for the first time and that is something I really love doing.
I was always influenced and inspired by Comic books, video games and animations such as Disney films, Looney Tunes, 1930's cartoons and Cartoon Network shows. My dream is to become a famous illustrator and make animated films, cartoons, and graphic novels.
I’ve graduated from "Gimnasya Gan Nahum" high school in design and art studies and got an Excellency Diploma. In addition, I served 2 years in the IDF as a graphic designer and head animator.
I'm a Shenkar College graduate with a B.Des degree in Visual Communication, specializing in illustration, animation and game art.





Want to work with me? Click here to go to my Fiverr page

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