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Hi there! I'm Danielle, a freelance illustrator and cartoonist from Israel.
I specialize in character design, 2D animation, children's book illustration and comics.

When I was just 2 months old, It was discovered that I have Cataract in both eyes so I was operated several times as an infant.
In addition, at the age of 3 it was discovered that I have Glaucoma too- an eye disease that can cause vision loss. I'm coping with it to this day, so I am visually impaired.
At that time when I was 3 years old, I've started drawing for the first time and that is something I really love doing.
I was always influenced and inspired by Comic books, video games and animations such as Disney films, Looney Tunes, 1930's cartoons and Cartoon Network shows. 
I’ve graduated from "Gimnasya Gan Nahum" high school in design and art studies and got an Excellency Diploma. In addition, I served 2 years in the IDF as a graphic designer and head animator.
I'm a Shenkar College graduate with a B.Des degree in Visual Communication, specializing in illustration, animation and game art.





Want to work with me? Click here to go to my Fiverr page

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