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All About My First Comic Character

Tico the squirrel was my very first cartoon character I had ever created.

It was first drawn in late 2006, when I was 9 years old.

I made a couple of comics about Tico. At the begining, the comics were most of the time funny short stories, but then I added more characters to Tico's world and started writing a new adventure-fantasy story.


In this story, Tico discovered that he has supernatural powers.

Along the way, he realized that he has a destiny-to save the world from the ancient enemies of the squirrels-the brown wild cats, that rised again to enslave the squirrels (and then the entire world).

Tico's friends join him to his new adventures and together they learn how to become strong, how to control their powers and work as a team.


I made a series of this comics in 2011, which had only five episodes, and then it discontinued.

At the moment, I'll recreate the comics.

Here are some drawings of Tico:




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